Andrew Nugent Smith comments on the increase in group action litigation and the risk to corporates

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IBA’s In-House Perspective magazine published an article reporting on the UK’s growing group action litigation market and the risks that corporates may face because of this.

Managing Director, Andrew Nugent Smith, commented: “Being on the wrong end of group action litigation creates significant business risk.

“The new wave of law firms set up to bring these cases, plus the ability to use technology to identify, aggregate and manage large groups of claimants, has led to an increase in cases. These are far from spurious claims. They are claims based on unlawful conduct that may have previously gone unpursued given the practicalities of bringing those cases. Claimant law firms are now getting to grips with those practicalities.

“Group action litigation is rising in popularity and there is no shortage of corporate wrongdoing, as well as an increase in judicial sympathy for collective redress.”

Andrew’s comments were published in the IBA’s In-House Perspective magazine, 1 October 2021, and can be found here.

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