Equal Pay Claim Against Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council workers may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation

Birmingham City Council has been paying women workers less than their male colleagues, despite doing jobs of equal value. As a result, the Council has already paid out £1.1 billion to settle historical equal pay claims, but this scandal is far from over.   

Today, Birmingham City Council faces a new raft of claims for underpaying some workers, the vast majority of whom are women. The Council has admitted that it owes between £650 million and £750 million in relation to equal pay claims.

Despite claiming to have run out of money, Birmingham City Council has not yet paid female employees what they are due. What’s more, not everyone who is due compensation has made an equal pay claim.  

KP Law believes that the Council should follow its obligations under the Equal Pay Act to pay men and women equally for work of equal value. We are helping current and former workers claim compensation for this blatant discrimination.

Thousands of Birmingham City Council workers have begun legal action against the Council, and it’s not too late to join the campaign for justice! 

Sign up quickly to get all the compensation you deserve. If you wait too long, you could get less than you are due, or your claim may be out of time.      

Who can join our Birmingham City Council equal pay claim?

You can register to join our claim if:

Both male and female colleagues may be eligible. 

Signing up is straightforward and costs you nothing as we act on a nowin-no fee basis. 

Now is the time to claim compensation from Birmingham City Council!

We understand that some workers may not yet have joined the fight for equal pay due to fears about how it would affect their jobs.

You do not need to worry! It is illegal for Birmingham City Council to fire you, or harm your career in any way, for making a claim.

The Council says it wants to close off all new equal pay claims by April 2025, so if you haven’t already joined our equal pay initiative, this is the time to act!

Why use KP Law to make your Birmingham City Council equal pay claim?

We understand that choosing a solicitor can be daunting. So how can you be sure that we are the right firm for you? Here’s some information about us to help you make up your mind:

Whilst unions must stand for all their members; we don’t have any conflicts of interest. We believe that some unions may have historically favoured the rights of male employees at the expense of their female colleagues. At KP Law, we always put your needs at the heart of everything we do.

We only act for clients who deserve to win and do everything we can to ensure they do.

Your questions answered

FAQs about making an equal pay claim against Birmingham City Council  

Birmingham City Council has a history of discriminating against certain sections of its workforce, often women. For example:  

      • In 2012, in a landmark case, the Supreme Court ruled that 170 women who worked for Birmingham City Council could proceed with equal pay claims against their former employer in the civil court
      • In 2010, more than 4,000 female Council workers won the right to be paid the same as their male colleagues at an employment tribunal.  

Not everyone who is due compensation has made a claim yet. But it’s not too late! We are helping current and former workers to claim compensation for this blatant discrimination.

In September 2023, Birmingham City Council issued a Section 114 notice, which is similar to admitting that the Council had gone ‘bankrupt’. The Council said its financial collapse was linked to its inability to meet a £760 million equal pay lawsuit. While some Council leaders have tried to blame those workers fighting for equality for the crisis, the bottom line is that the Council owes money for unfairly discriminating against women.

It is also wrong to blame equal pay claims for all the Council’s financial woes. Austerity has devastated Council budgets and there has been controversy around the Council’s rollout of the Oracle IT database system.

Despite being aware of its discriminatory practices for many years, the Council did not adequately address the issue that allowed the gap between what it pays men and women for jobs of equal value to remain. This means that claim values have continued to increase and that more equal pay claims have surfaced due to the Council’s failure to tackle this issue.  

If you currently work at Birmingham City Council, or did so in the last six years, you can register to join our claim.  

We will work for you under a no-win, no-fee agreement. This means:   

      • You won’t pay us a penny unless you win   
      • You won’t have to pay anything upfront.  

If we succeed, a part of the damages awarded to you will cover our costs and expenses. We need to charge this fee to cover the work done on your behalf by our expert litigation lawyers to win the claim. We will thoroughly explain our fees when you register with us and before you officially join our action.   


Every case is different, but we believe that Birmingham City Council could owe affected workers thousands of pounds in compensation eachEach claim is calculated individually and is likely to be based on several factors, for example, how long you have worked for the Council, amongst others.   

No. When you claim against an employer, the law automatically protects you from any act of retaliation. Birmingham City Council cannot treat you any differently for joining the claim. 

We cannot say how long the case will take, although we expect that it could take several years. We will supply regular updates on the claim’s progress once you formally join the KP Law equal pay claim. When we claim on your behalf, we will seek compensation for any unpaid amounts right up until the date we settle or win your case.

Absolutely. Any men who have worked at Birmingham City Council, in traditionally female dominated jobs, in the last six years may be eligible to claim.   

Yes, you can continue to work for Birmingham City Council if you join our claim. The Council cannot fire you for pursuing a claim or treat you any differently.   

Yes. If you are made redundant, you can still make an equal pay claim. We recommend that you join the claim as soon as possible to ensure you receive as much compensation as you are owed. 

If you are made redundant and your employer asks you to sign documents about your redundancy or your redundancy pay, do not sign them until you have sought legal advice. Also, you must tell your legal adviser that you have issued or intend to issue an equal pay claim. 

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