Kingsley Hayes comments on the second MoD data breach

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Computer Weekly published an article reporting on the second MoD data breach to potentially compromise the safety of Afghans, which revealed the names and email addresses of those who may be eligible to relocate to the UK.

Kingsley Hayes, Head of Data Breach, commented: “The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into the data privacy failures and has reportedly taken steps ‘to ensure this does not happen in the future’. But with two serious data breaches happening within days, and another breach happening only a few months ago when a member of the public discovered sensitive documents at a bus stop, serious questions must be asked about how such violations are allowed to happen.

“Furthermore, while the immediate priority must be to secure the safety of those put at risk by the MoD’s haphazard email processes, those responsible must ultimately be held to account. Lives have been put at risk and this is simply unforgivable.”

Kingsley’s comments were published in Computer Weekly, 23 September 2021, and can be found here.

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