Andrew Nugent Smith comments on the UK’s growing group action litigation market


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Managing Director, Andrew Nugent Smith, comments in The Law Society Gazette on the UK’s growing group action litigation market.

The Law Society Gazette published an article exploring the rising popularity of group action litigation in the UK, which has been propelled by litigation funding.

Andrew Nugent Smith commented: “Litigation funding used to be a bit of a dirty word, based on the idea that the cases were just brought by funders to fill their pockets. But now there’s a recognition that for these collective redress cases to work, litigation funding is essential and therefore litigation funding is an important tool for access to justice.”

“A lot of people express concern about irresponsible litigation funding, and that litigation funders are just fuelling compensation culture. But what you have to remember is that most litigation funding is done on a non-recourse basis. It’s not in the interest of funders to put money into speculative claims.”

Andrew’s comments were published in The Law Society Gazette, 19 August 2021, and can be found here.

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