Andrew Nugent Smith, Managing Director, comments re Asda workers winning the equal pay fight in Supreme Court

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Andrew Nugent Smith, Managing Director, comments in relation to Asda workers winning the first stage of its recent legal battle in the UK Supreme Court over equal payin Yahoo! Finance, People Management and Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary.

This is a significant victory for shop floor workers in the long-running battle between supermarkets and their employees. Today’s ruling sets a strong precedent for other claims against large supermarkets.

“It is good to see that shop floor workers can now be validly compared to distribution workers, and that today’s Supreme Court ruling has been made in favour of employees.

“The reality is that shop floor workers are predominantly female and that a higher proportion of men work in distribution centres, so today’s ruling is also a victory for equality.”

Andrew’s comments were published in Yahoo! Finance, People Management, 26 March 2021, and can be found respectively here and here. His comments were also published in Edward Fennell’s Legal Diary, 1 April 2021, here

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