Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay. Why the fight for equal pay at Birmingham Council is far from over 


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In September 2023, Birmingham City Council issued a Section 114 notice, which is similar to admitting that the Council – which is the largest in Europe – had gone ‘bankrupt’. As a result, spending on all but essential services will now be stopped.  

The reason for the financial collapse has been linked to the Council’s inability to meet the £760 million it owes following multiple equal pay claims. But while some Council leaders have tried to blame those workers fighting for equality for the crisis, the bottom line is that the Council owes money for unfairly discriminating against women.  

The fight for equal pay at Birmingham City Council is far from over! 

KP Law has launched a group action to help those who have not yet received justice and compensation for the Council’s failures get what they are owed. 

Here are five reasons why you should claim equal pay compensation from Birmingham City Council if you have not already done so.  

1. Birmingham City Council is withholding unpaid wages from women workers

Despite acknowledging that it owes between £650 million and £750 million in relation to equal pay claims, Birmingham City Council has not yet paid its employees what they are due. We believe the Council should be held to account.

2. Birmingham City Council had plenty of time to put this matter right

Despite being aware of its discriminatory practices for many years, the Council did not adequately address the issue that allowed the gap between what it pays men and women for jobs of equal value to remain. This means that claim values have continued to increase and that more equal pay claims have surfaced due to the Council’s failure to tackle this issue.

3. The Council is trying to blame women for its financial mismanagement

According to media reports, some Council leaders are blaming equal pay claims for its current financial troubles. But it is wrong to blame equal pay claims for all the Council’s financial woes. Austerity has devastated Council budgets and there has been controversy around the Council’s rollout of the Oracle IT database system which saw costs balloon from £20 million to around £100 million.

4. Time could be of the essence

The Council aims to close off all new equal pay claims by April 2025, so if you haven’t already joined our equal pay action, the time to act is now! Signing up quickly will also help you to get all the compensation you deserve. If you wait too long, you could get less than you are due, or your claim may be out of time.

5. You can’t be fired for making an equal pay claim

We understand that some workers may not have joined the fight for equal pay due to fears about how it would impact their jobs. But it is illegal for Birmingham City Council to fire you, or harm your career in any way, for making a claim. 

Join our Birmingham City Council equal pay claim today!

If you are being paid less than your colleagues for doing a job of equal value, now is the time to act!    

We are helping current and former workers to claim compensation for this blatant discrimination. If you work at Birmingham City Council, or did so in the last six years, you can register to join our claim. Any men who have worked at Birmingham City Council in traditionally female dominated jobs may also be eligible to claim.    

Signing up is straightforward and costs you nothing as we act on a no-win-no fee basis. 

In February 2024, our firm changed its name from Keller Postman UK to KP Law.

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