Kingsley Hayes comments on NHS data sharing

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Computer Weekly published an article discussing a largescale public opt-out from the proposed NHS Digital scheme, which would see the NHS share patient data with private companies.

Kingsley Hayes, Head of Data Breach, commented: “There has understandably been a huge public backlash against NHS plans to make patient data available to private companies.”

“Although this project is on hold, we are yet to see whether this will change the NHS’s approach to data sharing and research projects.”

“The NHS already has a troubled history with regard to data transparency and public consent despite investigations by the likes of the ICO.”

“It would appear that the general public are now starting to understand more about the risks of such data sharing and no doubt the opt-in rates will continue a downward trend until such time as there is full and detailed transparency.”

Kingsley’s comments were published in Computer Weekly, 24 August 2021, and can be found here.

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