Keller Lenkner UK welcomes data protection specialist Kingsley Hayes

Kingsley Hayes

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Keller Lenkner UK welcomes data protection specialist Kingsley Hayes

At Keller Lenkner UK (now KP Law), we are delighted to welcome data protection expert Kingsley Hayes to our team. Kingsley, who is arguably the UK’s foremost data breach solicitor, has been appointed Head of Data Breach and will lead a new data breach department at Keller Lenkner UK.

Previously Managing Director at data breach law firm Hayes Connor Solicitors. Kingsley has worked in some of the largest law firms in the UK. An expert litigator, renowned for representing multiple claimants in complicated class actions, he has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals to protect their rights.

Kingsley brings a select team of data breach experts with him from Hayes Connor. As such, Keller Lenkner UK now boasts some of the most skilled data breach solicitors in England & Wales. In addition, all Hayes Connor multi-claimant and group-action clients will now be supported by Keller Lenkner UK.

Speaking about the appointment, Andrew Nugent Smith, Managing Director of Keller Lenkner UK said:

“Keller Lenkner UK recognises that data protection is one of the fastest-growing areas of law in the UK and we were keen to establish a presence in this area. Kingsley is a true data protection specialist. He has he passion, drive and talent our clients have come to expect, and we are delighted that he has decided to join our team.”

Kingsley is thrilled to take up his position as Head of Division and looks forward to securing the best possible result for each and every client. He said:

“Over the last few years, I’ve seen how data breach law has evolved, both here in the UK and across the world, and I’ve helped thousands of clients get the compensation they deserve after an injustice.

However, there is no doubt that – when it comes to data breach violations – large organisations are smarter and better resourced than ever before.

“With breaches of data protection laws becoming increasingly common – often resulting in large and complex litigation – the UK needs a superior data breach champion law firm. With Keller Lenkner’s brand, backing and resources, I am confident that we will be able to succeed against some of the largest corporates in the world. “

In February 2024, our firm changed its name from Keller Postman UK to KP Law.

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